Public Notice – Westmoreland Hazard Mitigation Plan Update Review

A copy of the Draft Hazard Mitigation Plan Update is available for public review and comment from July 25th through August 3rd at the Westmoreland Town Office during regular business hours (Monday, noon – 8pm and Tues-Fri 8am-4pm) or by clicking: Hazard Mitigation Plan 2016 .

Written comments may be addressed to Bill Chase, Emergency Management Deputy and mailed to:  Westmoreland Town Office, PO Box 55, Westmoreland, NH 03467 or by email at townofwestmoreland@myfairpoint.net.



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You are encouraged to visit the link below to sign up for the NH Alerts with your contact information to receive emergency notifications by cell phone &/or email addresses. Everyone with a land-line (home phone) is already in the system.
Use this link to register:    www.readynh.gov


To get on a list to receive pertinent notices, please e-mail the Selectmen’s office at townofwestmoreland@myfairpoint.net


The first settlers came up the Connecticut River in canoes from Northfield, Massachusetts in 1741, after the original charter was granted by the Massachusetts governor in 1736. A subsequent charter was granted by King George II of England in 1752, and the town was incorporated under the name of Westmoreland in honor of an English Lord of that name. Westmoreland, while basically an agricultural community, supported many mills and other small industries during the late 1700’s and throughout the 1800’s. In 1800, the population was recorded at 2,066. Today’s population is 1,730 and includes residents of the Cheshire County Nursing Home located in Westmoreland. Further interesting history may be found in The History and Genealogy of Westmoreland, NH published in 1976.  A copy may be purchased from the Selectmen’s Office.

Westmoreland students attend kindergarten through 8th grade at the Westmoreland School and 9th through 12th grade at Keene High School in Keene, NH


Downtown Westmoreland

Downtown Westmoreland