Advisory committees

Broadband Advisory Committee


The Broadband Advisory Committee will research and explore possibilities of increasing internet coverage in Westmoreland and bring their findings to the Board of Selectmen.

Broadband meeting webcast December 9, 2019

Although over 100 people have attended our public broadband meetings, not everyone who wished to was able to attend. To help those who wish to learn more, JJ has put together a website  that will quickly allow viewers to gather accurate information at their convenience, including a list of Frequently Asked Questions that you may find helpful. Please take a look and then come to the Town Meeting on March 11 @ 7:00 pm and vote. If you wish end the frustration of having poor Internet service, you need to attend the meeting to vote. Please do not assume your neighbors will do it as, even though there is no tax impact to the town, the passage of the bond is not assured. 


Chris, JJ and John


John Snowdon (603) 399-4847

Chris Ballou

JJ Prior

Fire Department Facility Advisory Committee


The Fire Department Facility Advisory Committee will research options and  recommend how to proceed following the results of the needs assessment done by Scully Architects regarding the existing fire station.

New Fire Station:   RFP Architectural Design Plan

2017 Scully Feasibility Study – Fire Department

Fire Station Feasibility Study
2018 SVE – Hitchcock Land Feasibility Study – Fire Department Feasibility Study 2


Tom Finnegan - Chair (399-7272)

Rob Bartlett

Bill Campbell

Graham Gitchell

Harry Nelson

Clyde Simino

Wes Staples

Scott Talbot