Highway Department

Road Agent - David Poklemba

23 McAdam Road
Phone: 603-399-4802

Mud Season

Pursuant to RSA 231:191, no motor vehicle having a gross weight of six (6) tons or greater shall operate on town-maintained gravel roads effective March 14 through May 15.  Special exception may be granted by the Road Agent. 

Snow & Ice

Snow & Ice Policy:

The Westmoreland Road Agent is responsible in making the determination to begin measures of salting, sanding, and/or snow removal based on the circumstances of the various types of storms that can occur.
Salt and/or sand are used as conditions may require and as available.
At about 1″ deep, salt is applied to the tar roads at approximately 500-600 lbs. per mile.
That done, if it is still snowing and expected or has accumulated 2-4 inches, the snow plows are hooked up and the plowing of all roads is started.
At the end of the storm, we apply more salt. During the storm, sand is applied to the steep hills and bad curves as needed. Ice storms are salted and sanded as soon as possible.

Order of Service:
The County facility is kept as clear as possible. On school days, bus routes are cleared first.
The responsibility to call off school is made by Supervisory Union #29, with input from local bus company. Local bus company has contact with Road Agent.
Glebe Road, Spofford Road, South Village Road, and River Road., doing the side roads as they are come to.
From time to time, during a long storm that is not accumulating very fast, the side roads will be skipped on one pass to keep the main roads clearer.

Truck Routes:

  1. Truck Route: Partridge Brook, County hill, Glebe, River, Poocham, McAdam and Hatt Roads.
  2. Truck Route: Spofford and South Village Roads, and all of East Westmoreland side roads.
  3. Truck Route: Route 63 side roads, North-end roads, and part of East Westmoreland side roads.


Town to plow out the following buildings:

  • Town Hall
  • Public Library
  • Fire Department
  • Highway Garage
  • Transfer Station

Plow truck drivers will be available to assist police, ambulance and fire trucks to respond to an emergency situation. Drivers will maintain their regular routes unless dispatched by an emergency situation. Every effort will be made to assist while keeping out of the path of the responders.

In the case of a truck getting stuck or breaking down, procedure as stated will be adhered to as closely as possible.

Plow truck drivers are not obligated to plow to mailboxes and will do their best to not disturb any mailbox.

Plow truck drivers will adhere to requirements adopted by the Town of Westmoreland in relation to vehicle safety, conduct, and actions at the scene of an accident. 

These requirements are set forth in the Town of Westmoreland Safety Program, Personnel Policy and Drug & Alcohol Policy.


The following parking policy is hereby adopted by the Board of Selectmen of the Town of Westmoreland per RSA 41-11:  There is no parking on any maintained roads within the Westmoreland town limits. Any motor vehicle so parked on a public roadway in the Town of Westmoreland that interferes with the orderly flow of traffic and/or the ability to effectively clear a public roadway of snow or ice may towed at the expense of the vehicle owner.

Placing or causing to put any snow or ice on the surface of the traveled portion of any road is prohibited. This policy applies to private owners and/or private plow services(RSA 236:20).

If any person shall place any obstruction in a road which renders it unsuitable for travel, he shall be liable for all damages and costs which the town shall be compelled to pay to any person injured by such obstruction (RSA 236:39).

Parking on any road during a snow storm is prohibited. Private drivers should make every attempt to have stalled or stuck vehicles moved. Plow truck drivers are allowed to call for assistance in towing an abandoned vehicle if such vehicle is deemed by the plow truck driver to be a deterrent in clearing the road of snow. Plow truck drivers are required to call for police assistance if necessary.