Planning & Zoning

Planning Board

The Planning Board holds hearings on proposed Site Plan reviews and Subdivisions.  Meetings are held at the Town Hall  at 6:30pm on the 3rd Monday of each month.

Planning Board Members:
Lauren Bressett, Chairman
Jim Starkey
Bruce Smith
Tim Thompson
Alison Fissette
Larry Siegel
Elaine Moore – Clerk & Alternate

Zoning Board

MraMThe Zoning Board holds hearings on Special Exceptions and Variances.  Meetings are held as needed for hearings.

To make a change to your property:

1.  Contact Zoning Administrator, Bill Campbell  (603) 399-7030 or (603) 305-3944.    If plan meets town ordinances, you will receive a Zoning Permit. If plan deviates from town ordinances, Bill will explain next step in the permitting process.

2.  Once you have received a Zoning Permit       contact Building Inspector,  Larry Muchmore    (603) 352-7086. 

Photo Courtesy Jeffrey Newcomer

Partridge Brook Reflections

 Zoning Board Members:
Peter Remy, Chairman
Brian Merry
Nancy Ranson
Barry Shonbeck
Jackie Cleary, Clerk
Ernie Perham

Mark Terry-Alternate

John Harris-Alternate